Nails -Add a hint of glamour to your look by using a range of our nail services. Get pampered, feel pampered, with great nails just a call away!

Nail Extensions -Nails Extensions are a way to pamper you now and then. It is a process that involves a gel built on the tip of the nail. Gel extensions are the most popular way to get longer and stronger nails. Our nail artists are determined to give you 100 % hygienic services.

Nail care -Nail is the only thing you can get into shape without any exercise. The maintenance of your fingernails and toenails is important for your health as well as your beauty. Our nail artists will do much more than applying nail polish for you keeping in mind your beauty.

Eyelashes -Adding care to your eyelashes brings a new perspective of shine. Eyelashes services include eyelashes extension and eyelashes tinting. Eyelashes enhancement is a delicate process. Our beauty technicians with immaculate skills could do the process of eyelashes extension.  

Makeup -  Makeup highlights a person’s unique features. Nails at your home will always ease your Makeup blunders and offer you the best services at your place by experienced technicians. It can be of different types like bridal make up and light make up etc.

Bridal Makeup - Some brides wouldn't dream of their ideal wedding look without the help of any makeup perfectionist. Our makeup artists will give you your long lasting make up with the help of high quality products. Bridal make up essentials such as primer, concealer, foundation, blush & bronzer, a make-up sponge, setting powder, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow palette, highlighter, lipstick are used to give you perfect beauty. And also blotting papers which are a must-have for touch-ups throughout the day.

Light Makeup - Light makeup is what we generally wear at birthday parties, professional parties, festivals, etc. It includes things like moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick/lip gloss. The Motto of makeup is to look flawless and dainty.


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