Nail at Your Home has come up with its amazing services which will give you a perfect eye look and make your beauty more adorned. We offer different kinds of premium eyelashes services to make your eyes hypnotic at your place at affordable prices. 

Eyelashes services include eyelashes extensions for bolder lashes, eyelashes tinting for bolder lashes, eyelashes lifting for natural volume.  These services can modify the appearance of your real eyelashes.

Long, fascinating lashes are, without a doubt, the ultimate purpose. And so, to enhance the length, curl fullness and thickness of eyelashes women mostly prefer to use extensions. In this process, hairs are attached to your natural eyelashes to give them an artificial look.

It is a painless treatment or you may even fall asleep during applying this. Lash enhancement is a subtle process that involves patience and splendor. Not every beautician can do it with proper finishing. 

Besides skillful hands, proper instruments and ingredients are also required to make eyelash extensions really noticeable. 

It isn’t a one size fit service, so it’s important to go to a professional lash stylist. 

Nails at your home offer you service in eyelash extensions and offers a wide range of products.

Another service like eyelash tinting is very quick service. It takes only 15-20 minutes from start to finish and a great option for those who want to have darker and broader lashes. Although it remains for three to four weeks, it is good for those women who want to achieve awake- looking eyes without any effort. In this service technician will brush dye onto your eyelashes to make them more beautiful and noticeable. Never underestimate the allure of your lovely eyelashes. Book an appointment with our certified and proficient beauty artists.

 Eye beauty cannot be completed without attractive eyelashes. Come, and give a chance to our trained beauty experts and enjoy our amazing services.


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