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Nails at Your Home is an emerging beauty service provider that offers an impressive range of options when it comes to hair, skin, and nails. We specialize in providing services that are usually limited to salons, to our clients in the comfort of their home or a location of their choice. Our team consists of professionals who are not only experienced in their respective specialties, but they are also amazing at what they do.

From a routine manicure and pedicure to party makeup and eyelash extensions, we’ve got some of the best in the business ready to give you what you need. Due to our staff’s ability to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction, Nails at Your Home is a name that is quickly becoming a trusted name in homes around Delhi, Noida, and Ghaziabad. We deliver our services at the most competitive rates possible, with zero hidden charges, and we want our clients to get the best deal every time.

We want to save the time of our clients and provide them the services they require with maximum safety, hygiene, and perfection, no matter where they require those services. This is why we are always ready to come to our clients and save them a sizable amount of effort as well. Our senior beauticians have already paid many of our customers regular visits in order to give them their routine beauty treatments in a clean, mess-free, and hygienic manner.

We have an excellent track record when it comes to fulfilling our commitments as well, and many of our customers have become our regular clients who trust us to make them feel and look their best, especially when they need it most.  

 With Nails at Your Home, salon services are simply a phone call or a click away, so book your appointment in minutes and find our reliable beauticians on your doorstep when you need them! In fact, booking our services is as simple, effective, and enjoyable as online shopping!


The Team at Nails at Your Home aims to please you, the customer, at all times. We believe that the customer is always right, which is why our beauticians strive to deliver the most efficient, convenient, and timely service with only the best results. Each of our professionals has been carefully chosen on the basis of their experience and expertise in their field. Our mission is to keep our clients as safe as we can, from the moment we step through the door to the second we take the leave of another happy and satisfied customer. We want to make sure that you, our esteemed client, do not have to step out of your house for any kind of beauty treatment, whether it is a simple manicure or intricate bridal makeup.

Since we provide at-home service, our goal is to ensure total security and safety of our clients in every sense of the word. That is why each of our professionals is selected after a thorough process involving a complete background check, so that we know they are fit to provide you the greatest quality of beauty services. Moreover, we take care to use the best quality of products at all times; the products that we use are opened and applied in full view of our clients to improve reliability and transparency, as well as minimizing wastage.

To maintain proper hygiene and eliminate health risks, each one of our professionals uses gloves, face masks, and hair nets. They also carry plenty of additional components such as disposable gowns and hair bands in their kits, which makes it easy for them to serve our clients without letting them feel even a minute of unease or discomfort. To top it all, our salon expert will get rid of the discarded materials once they’re done, so you can look and feel beautiful without having to go through the hassle of cleaning up!


Nails at Your Home began with the vision to cater to the beauty needs of people from all walks of life and help them make time for themselves. We do this by bringing the salon to the doorstep and making it nearly effortless to receive high-quality salon services. By hiring our services, not only are our clients welcoming incredible beauty treatments in their home - they are receiving topnotch services using wonderful products and cutting-edge technology, without breaking the bank. Rest assured our best-in-class services will leave you glowing and at your most beautiful, feeling relaxed as ever.

The Beauty Professionals from Nails at Your Home are aware that the modern woman is quite busy and seldom has the time to look after herself. That’s where we come in with our wide range of premium-quality salon-like treatments, to help you pamper yourself as much as you’d like to. We want our clients to remain in touch with the best beauty experts in Delhi, Noida, and Ghaziabad, so they can receive the same quality of service from the safety and comfort of their home, as they used to get at their favorite beauty salon prior to the lockdown. Therefore, if you are looking for nail or hair treatment service in Delhi-NCR, the kind that you had grown used to, don’t worry! You can get that same kind of service from our smart and experienced beauty experts, the way you want. Some of our most commonly chosen services include nail treatments, various types of manicures such as basic manicure, French manicure, and Reverse French manicure, a variety of pedicures, hair related services like haircuts, hairstyling and hairdressing, makeup, makeover, and beauty services like facials, bleaches, eyebrow threading, waxing, and many more. In other words, you will have plenty of options to choose from in terms of beauty services, without worrying about how much it will cost you in terms of time, money or effort. So, let us know when you need affordable and convenient nail and hair services at your doorstep and leave the rest to our professional stylists!


Instead of my tight schedules, I find Nails at your home and am glad to take their makeup services. It is the best experience I ever have in such a long time. They have the best professional experts. Thank you, Nails at your home for doing my party makeup fora special celebration.

Komal Pandey

Their Nail extension is just beyond good. Also, they know how to make another person comfortable. They have the best and professional nail technicians. Experts are sweet and genuine. Thank you, Nails at your home for the amazing nail art.See you again.

Charu Singh

They are very welcoming and experienced. I was happy with my eyelash services of Nails at your home. And the best part about is they have different fancy styles for kind of Celebration. They also maintain very high standards of hygiene. Thank you, Nails at your home for your services. Highly recommended!

Anvita Rana

They are equally focused on their technical skills aswell as soft skills. They have the best professional technicians for bridalmakeup. Also, they provide all the services at the doorstep and give exclusivedeals. Thank you so much for Nails at your home for making myspecial day more special.

Niveda Sharma

Nails at your home provide all the services like- Nail extension, nail art, and all types of makeup at your doorstep. They have highly rated experts for every service. They do their work precisely and smoothly. It was a great experience for me. Thank you, Nails at your home for being my day maker.

Jasmine Kapoor

It was the day of my cousin’s wedding and I was waiting for my makeup artists to come, but at the last minute they canceled my booking and I was started crying and thought what’s next. Luckily one of my friends suggested Nails at your home. I did my booking at the last minute, fortunately, they came. They did amazing makeup and I will surely take other services soon. Thank you, Nails at your home for being a Life Saver at the last minute.

Ruby Sharma

I am a person who is fond of nails extension and nail art. And I got to know about Nails at your home and then there isn’t any looking back. They have several designs. I am happy to get their services. Their experts are very creative and sweet. I am going to book them again soon. Thank you, Nails at your home for your stunning services.

Leeza Joseph

Their Eyelash services include Eyelashes extensions, Eyelashes tinting, and lifting eyelashes for natural volume. They provide the best services of makeup plus my eyelashes were looking so good at the party. Everyone was asking about it. Thank you, Nails at your home for making me the Centre of Attention.

Aarushi Dutta

Choosing a nail at your home was the best choice. They have top-class professional technicians for every service, I had my nails done with Nails at your home and they also give exclusive deals. They have the best nail art designs of the time. Thank you, Nails at your home for your great services.

Aayushi Verma

They have the best services of all time. They have done my anniversary makeup and it was so good and gorgeous. I was very happy with their services. Also, they provide the best technicians. Always glad to find them. Thank you, Nails at your home for your amazing services.

Ritu Singh


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